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About the Imagine Center

Imagine a place where you are nurtured and supported in living your best life, that’s The Imagine Center. In these changing times, The Imagine Center serves as an oasis for renewing mind, body and spirit/soul. Goddess Tauheedah and Associates support you in healing thoroughly and manifesting your dream of life fulfilled. Step inside The Imagine Center to enter a space of love, light and wisdom that envelops you with peace and safety. The Joy in life that you seek, also seeks you. We help you step into greater joy!

We offer Personal Services and Products to support your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth and well-being. Book a personal service or attend a group session for interactive opportunities to learn, grow and prosper. Shop our extensive line of polished and raw stones to connect to the healing magic and loving support of Mother Earth. We also carry other metaphysical and inspirational products that hep you stay focused on expressing your divinity and fulfilling your life purpose more fully.

The Imagine Center
18635 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA  91356

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