October 21, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Imagine Center
18635 Ventura Blvd.
CA 91356
The Imagine Center

Special Guest Meditation, Ceremony & Book Signing 

Join Pep Torres, author of

On the Outskirts of Heaven – A Near-Death Tale of Soul Retrieval

Torres shares the thrilling tale of his own Near-Death Experience and how, following his odyssey through the afterlife, he returned to the world of the living with a mission to inspire people to live more vital and fulfilling lives by seeking out their own purpose and fighting for their dreams.

Still in constant communication with his own spirit guides he met in the afterlife,
an old painter and his jaguar nagual, Torres will conduct a guided meditation in which attendees can meet their own nagual Spirit Guides and perform a Ghost Warrior Ceremony where they can break free from past limitations and ultimately invite the life they dream about and were meant to live.


Anthony “Pep” Torres is a visionary artist, actor, writer, director, educator, basketball coach, motivational speaker, storyteller and healer. In constant communication with his guardian angel, an old painter he met in a near death experience more than twenty years ago, Torres believes that he was put on Earth to paint the world blue and to heal all people through the stories he tells.

His Ghost Warrior Dreamquest Seminars – in which Torres performs, tells stories and leads guided visualizations – are dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to realize their greatest potential by fighting for their dreams. “In our dreams,” Torres believes, “we find our purpose, realize our highest potential and in that discover within ourselves our own divine origins.”

He is currently at work on three new-age novels; The Man in Black; Mechanisms of Deception, Pennies on the Hardwood and Ever Girl. His new children’s book, We are Warriors and his own stirring account of his near death experience, On the Outskirts of Heaven; A Tale of Soul Retrieval and the Birth of a Ghost Warrior, is on bookshelves now.