Group Healing by Sound Bath

Led by Allyssa Lumbert

Sound Healer Allyssa Lumbert will be performing a Sound Bath as she utilizes her Crystal Bowls and Chinese Gong to create calming beautiful sound and vibrations that will transport the mind, body and spirit into a journey that results in Rejuvenation, Stillness, and Connection as the body’s chakras and energetic systems open and harmonize.

Allyssa is a Sound Healer with a formal background in Neuroscience and is attuned to Reiki Level Two.

“To me, sound-baths are so much more than a relaxing experience. My intention is to create sounds and vibrations that take the participants on a journey inward and allow them to explore their own personal universe. As the sounds open up the chakras and entire energetic system, I think of my instruments as beings that embody the meaning of the purple feather and I think of myself as the translator that brings the sounds to life to allow the participants to receive the experience that the instruments have to give them.” – ​Allyssa Lumbert, Purple Feather Sounds