Special Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Led by Goddess Tauheedah


Come to release what holds you back…..

Expand your journey in Love’s creative joys fulfilled!


About Goddess Tauheedah:
An emerging Presence in the Human Potential Movement; connected in the world of energy and active in the cause of social evolution.

“The new social consciousness blooms through women in full connection to all life.”

Goddess Tauheedah illuminates Feminine Power to bridge humanity to greater harmony and wholeness. She focuses energy to unleash pure love and wisdom and engages to inspire and incite leadership and service across all walks in life.


What People are Saying…

Tauheedah, your readings at the Sunday Oneness Meditations empower me and accurately reflect issues that go on in my life. At these sessions we are not flawed creatures born out of sin but powerful beings from other planets and other dimensions here to assist Gaia transition into a higher state in which the words of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” will be the new reality.   – Sam

I am most grateful to you for the work you are doing. The Sunday meditations have taken me into amazing worlds, and whereas I have difficulty verbalizing the experiences, I do feel something magical has taken place.  – Stephanie

“The most amazing gift that the Oneness Meditation has given me is the tangible connection I feel to both Heaven and Earth. An inner power is ignited, and I feel strengthened at every conclusion.” – Anee

“Tauheedah, I feel that you have been a master for me in guiding me towards the light. I want to Thank You for that. Now I understand when you say: “Love, Light, and Oneness.”  What a beautiful revelation! I thank God for you.” – Ivania