March 13, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Imagine Center
$30.00 / Session, $250/Series, $50 Certification Ceremony
The Imagine Center


Healer Workshop: Crystal Healer Series

9-Session workshop series for Crystal Healer Certification

Led by Goddess Tauheedah & Guest Practitioner Support

Starts Wednesday, March 13th, 7-9pm


Crystals are Light Bridges to Greater Health and Wholeness in body and soul. Crystal Lightworkers naturally engage the energies of crystals, feel an affinity with them and easily merge presences with the stones. Healers genuinely hold desire to positively impact life through energy sharing.

Whether you have recently awakened to your calling or you’re elevating to new levels, this call is for you! Come share in the joy of developing through common ground collaboration and loving acceptance of You and all as One.

The Series supports growing crystal knowledge, crystal layout applications, practitioner development, client awareness, spiritual guide connection, room setting, complimentary tools, plus key 5D technology tools for healing in the Age of Now. 

Series Dates: March 13, 27  | April 10, 24 | May 8, 22 | June 12, 26 | Ends July 10


$30/session | $250/Series| $50 Certification Ceremony ( full series payment due by March 13th)




Goddess Tauheedah bridges humanity to greater harmony and wholeness in mind and body. She delivers energy to unleash pure love for healing and renewal.

Goddess Tauheedah engages the soul to inspire and incite new frontiers of leadership and service across all walks in life.

Her sessions help you to expand awareness of self, clarify your calling, express your innate talents and navigate your journey into joy.