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Alina Simon

“I have been blessed & guided by The Divine and my spiritual guides to follow my life’s purpose, since I was a little girl. Intuitively, I studied different modalities throughout my life and became a conduit of The Divine and Universal energies. I am a full Mesa Carrier in the lineage of Inka and a continual student of the Shamanic energy healers of Peru, along with being a Reiki practitioner and an intuitive energy worker. I have gone through a great self-healing journey, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and I completely relate to how our human experiences can distract and distance us from our own soul and life purpose. I can help you deeply connect to your soul and energetically harmonize your body. It is my passion and honor to serve you..”

Graciela De La Cruz

Corey Creech

“I am a tangible being of Great Light, a wholistic healer. I stand to elevate the consciousness of all guiding you to generate enough Love and Power within oneself to snap the chains of ALL human limitations. My healing modalities are in Crystal, Pranic and Reiki healing where I aim to clear, balance, and harmonize your energetic state allowing for clarity, vitality and a higher state of vibrational resonance.”

Jose Villalpando


During a session Daphneleah provides a personalized experience which may include: Color Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, Vibrational Healing, and Sound Healing as well as working with unseen forces such as angels, your guides, your spirit guides, your totem animals, elements, and elementals. Her purpose is to be a conduit of love and creativity.  She is a source of strength and clarity for clients, wherever they may be in their awakening.

Claudia Pineda

Claudia Pineda

Claudia is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Munay- Ki Rites Giver, Energy Healer, and student of Shamanic Healings, and Full Mesa Carrier in the lineage of the Inca Shamans of Peru. Her gifts are constantly evolving as she pursues growth through different healing modalities and the teachings of her beloved Spiritual Guides.

Lisa O’Laughlin

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane Offers Reiki-Infused Crystal Healings, a spa treatment for your mind, a deep cleansing for your body, and a metaphysical tune-up for your soul. A Reiki Infused Crystal Healing includes chakra balancing, sound healing, aroma therapy, aura brightening, negative cord releasing/cutting, psychic surgery as needed and lots and lots of Crystal healing!

Ally Villalpando

Carmen Coren

Carmen is a certified crystal healer, energy healer, creatress, and spiritual guide. Rooted in her connection with Mother Earth and spirit guides, her deep love and nurturance invites you to tap into in the divine light within. Specializing in healing the divine feminine and children of all needs and backgrounds. Carmen is also a homeschooling mother of twin daughters. Before her healing work she was a social worker and children’s art teacher.

Maribel Medina


“Hello My name is Paloma. I have had eight years of hands-on healing experience with certification in Reiki Usui and as a Crystal Healer. My life and goal purpose is to help people back to their wholeness by supporting them as they release what is no longer serving their growth + evolution. It is an honor to serve you.”

Daisy Lozada

Stephanie Pardo

Stephanie is a certified crystal healer, intuitive energy healer, and twin flame. As a clairsentient, she works with her hands and is guided by spirit guides and angels through her healing work. During a session with Stephanie, you will receive what it is that you most need to best serve you on your journey. She specializes in true love, deep inner freedom, finding joy and inspiration in yourself and in life. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys uncovering truths and transcending illusions through her writing and creative projects.

Daisy Lozada

Delina Yasmeh

Delina received her Crystal Healing certification under the direction of Goddess Tauheedah at the Imagine Center. At the core of her practice is the belief that we are all part of the greater whole, finding our way back to unity. She works with the elemental forces of nature to bring deep healing. Using the magic of love and oneness, she lights the sacred truth inside of you, allowing you to clearly see your path. She will be a guiding light as you work towards healing and sacred balance.

Daisy Lozada


Since a very young age, Samantha has always wanted to heal others. She began her career as a massage therapist . Throughout the years she became more and more called to spiritual healing practices which led to her certification as a Reiki master. Samantha specializes in an intuitive flow and natural healing Reiki session. She helps her clients drift into a euphoric space that rids them of their emotional and physical distress. Each session is customized to the individuals needs. Samantha incorporates Crystals, Aromatherapy, Smudging techniques, and other healing tools. She continuously studies other modalities continue bringing awareness to raise the vibrations of the planet as a whole.