Love is the Source

Now is the Structure for Massive Transformation of our Hearts, Minds and Bodies

2019 Packs Super-Charged year of Awakening, Great Revealing, Stark Realization, Body Shifts, Abrupt Endings and Sudden New Beginnings. What was distorted in Love falls away and What Truly IS emerges. The energies of numeric 2019 (12-yr) arrive to Fulfill, to bring to Completion, to Manifest, to Unlock DNA (golden keys), to Liberate Matter, to Make Whole. Gateways are now open for our return to Whole Hearts, Whole Minds and Whole Bodies, in ecstatic flow!

Pure Love Rules
The Great Tidal Wave of Change affects every level of our lives. Like Ghosts move through walls, imprinting, staking claim in the unseen space, Gaia’s Pure Love awakens, reclaims, and restores her planetary body to Harmony. Every part of the planet, every region, country, institution, politic, community, man, woman and child; Every species, all land, seas and air undergo massive change to keep step with the insurgence of Pure Love on the Planet.

Potent Now
Time collapse has occurred and we’re in Whole Time. We stand Center to capsule experiences of incompleteness in spiral motion. The clock ticks to marker. We engage a moment in “AllTime” requiring illumination and integration to the Soul. Alternately, we’re presented with experiences of our fully awakened selves, filled with pure love, joy and complete freedom in heart and body. As Below, so Above. Process happens personally and collectively. Our world is changing in plain sight!

2019 activates new momentum to speed completions in Self-Realization.
We illuminate and integrate life experience in the flow of pure love at the power of whole time.


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