Crystal Grid Kit

Kit Includes: Grid Cloth, Grid Stones (five amethyst or clear quartz), anchor stone (clear quartz), crystal grids book

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best crystal grid kitA crystal grid is an arrangement of minerals specifically selected to achieve a particular goal. You can then spiritually activate it to manifest that goal. In your grid kit, you have the choice between the Flower of Life, Infinity, or Metatron’s cube grids. These templates are used to guide the placement of the stones. Amethyst is a power stone and is used for psychic protection, meditation, aid, and opens the spiritual and psychic centers. Clear Quartz, also known as the Rock or Ice Crystal, accelerates the fulfillment of one’s prayers by amplifying the energy and intent put into it. The Crystal Grids (how to combine and focus crystal energies to enhance your life) book by Henry Mason will help you to fulfill your wishes and goals by providing you with instructions and insights on which grids and stones to use, how to clear and position the stones, and how to activate the grid.

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Kit With Metatron's Cube Grid, Kit wih Flower of Life Grid, Kit with Infinity Grid


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