Love and Friendship Kit


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Kit Includes: Pink Bag, Love Drawing oil or Attraction Oil, Clear Quartz Tumbled, Rose Quartz Bracelet. (Ruby pebble not included)

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Attraction oil is an ideal oil to help you put your intentions into action. It helps you bring new things into your life and draw in new opportunities. Love drawing oil can be used as a perfume to draw love your way. It contains essential oils that are considered effective for love-drawing and are believed to add to your persuasive power and promote good fortune in your personal life. Clear Quartz are a source of light associated with the crown chakra and are the supreme gift of mother earth. It amplifies whatever intent or energy is put into it making the perfect companion to your romantic wishes. Rose Quartz is known as the love stone. It has a gentle vibration of love and helps in all love matters in all forms. When worn in jewelry like our bracelet, the owner feels a sense of self-worth.

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Love and Friendship Kit with Attraction Oil, Love and Friendship Kit with Love Drawing Oil


Love Drawing Oil (1/4oz.), Attraction Oil (184oz.)


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