Sunday Oneness Meditation Led by Goddess Tauheedah – 9/1/19




Led by Goddess Tauheedah


Part I-Guided Meditation

Presence in Oneness energy heals and harmonizes us providing access to sacred doorways of love and wisdom. Join us to align your energy to the field of Oneness. We connect through breath to Cosmic and Earth spirits of Great love and light. Conscious intent and invocation align mind and body activating intuitive senses to receive. Walk away renewed and ready for the week ahead!

Part II – Soul Light Reading

Each participant holds space for personal empowerment. Goddess Tauheedah delivers spirit messages and blessings to help clarify your calling and journey. Be connected to your guiding light, life purpose and support for moving your life forward positively.

Tauheedah, your readings at the Sunday Oneness Meditations empower me and accurately reflect issues that go on in my life. At these sessions we are not flawed creatures born out of sin but powerful beings from other planets and other dimensions here to assist Gaia transition into a higher state in which the words of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” will be the new reality.


I am most grateful to you for the work you are doing.  The Sunday meditations have taken me into amazing worlds, and whereas I have difficulty verbalizing the experiences, I do feel something magical has taken place.


Event Details

Date: 1 September 2019

Start time: 11:00

End time: 01:00

Venue: The Imagine Center - Oneness Meditation

Phone: 818.345.1100

Email: info@theimaginecenter,com