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Robert Perez

Robert Perez

~ Soul Light Readings

Robert, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, is a bright young man with an amazing gift.

As a youth in church, he would often share messages he received from the angels and perform healings with their light and power.

After taking a leap of faith in 2015, Robert moved to California to pursue his dreams and live fully in his truth. His abilities have evolved and he is now able to offer readings with or without the use of cards to deliver messages from Spirit.

This year Robert is boldly stepping forward to spread the light and wisdom of the universe to his community. He is grateful for all he has received and is looking forward to sharing many different aspects of Spirit with you.

Nancy DiLorenza

Nancy DiLorenzo

– Angel Light Tarot Readings

Nancy is a third generation Tarot and Oracle Reader. She works with traditional Tarot/Oracle decks, the Pendulum and Practical Intuition, to guide you to finding solutions for your issues.

Other modalities used by Nancy include Astrology, Crystals and Meditation for Chakra Clearing and Balancing. Her specialty is Twin Soul Relationships.